Monthly Recap: July 2023

Written by Christian

Posted on July 31st, 2023

Here’s what went down at token HQ in July 2023.

Token Takeaways went live across more than 20 countries on the Play Store and App Store this month. 

We also unveiled our new website, featuring updated info on our project, new articles, an educational Learn Hub, and more.

A fresh batch of token projects also went live on the app this month.

The token economy never stops. July was another eventful month in the space, and many of the big developments were widely seen as positives for the industry. The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, further signalled its confidence in tokens after applying for a spot Bitcoin ETF, while Ripple scored a win in its long-standing legal battle with the SEC. More recently, leading Ethereum-aligned projects like Polygon, Lens, and Uniswap announced big updates as Web3 expands. 

It’s also been a busy few weeks for us. We headed out to Paris to connect with the Ethereum community at EthCC, and we ticked off an important milestone. We made one of our biggest expansions to date this month as went live on the Play Store and App Store across the world. Read about this update and more below.

The road to mass token adoption 🛣

As we announced on the token blog, we kicked off our global rollout this month. The app went live in over 20 countries on the Play Store and App Store, with a wider expansion to follow soon. 

This is a huge stepping stone on our mission to support the token economy’s growth. launched in Brazil, but we’ve always hoped that our app will help people from across the world discover tokens and their world-changing promise. Going global brings us closer to our vision. We believe that the world needs a platform that makes discovering tokens simple. Once tokens are more accessible to regular people, we have a much better shot at achieving the end goal for this technology: mass token adoption. 

Unveiling a new content hub 😍

Alongside our global rollout, the new went live this month. Our updated website includes info on us, a token feed and glossary, a fresh blog, and expansive Learn Hub for going deep on tokens, all with a new look to boot. In short, we’ve created a vast content hub to welcome our community into the token universe. 

We want to establish as an invaluable token education hub, and we’re pretty proud of our progress so far. While there’s much more to come, you can already browse our first Guides on topics like Starting Your Token Journey and Mastering the Token Market. You can also search for articles according to your knowledge level, helping you expand your token skills over time. 

Nascent token projects come to 🌱

We’re always on the lookout for promising new token projects to support, and this month was no different. We listed over 35 tokens this month, including early community hits like LUKSO, Pendle, and LimeWire. You can find our latest additions by browsing the app and our curated Collections. 

LUKSO is one of the latest token projects to go live in the app.

Of course, we won’t be stopping at this batch. In the future, many new projects and innovations will emerge as the token economy grows. is committed to supporting the most important tokens as they hit the market. We’re already serving our community with access to the world’s leading tokens. We’ll continue to research the ecosystem and expand our offering with the hottest new projects as they launch. Eventually, the token economy could have millions of tokens. We hope that will continue to be the easiest way to find the most exciting tokens in one place when that day comes. 

A more interactive, social experience 💬

We have more to come on developing the app, too. In the near future, we’ll be improving token Cards with new content. While we’re not ready to share how this will look just yet, we can say that the app is set to become more interactive. 

Other big updates in the pipeline include a decentralised exchange integration, opening the path to listing many more fledgling token projects. We’ll also be rolling out social profiles as we create a more inclusive, community-driven way to experience tokens. 

Learn more 👀

That’s a wrap for July 2023. We’re thrilled that is now available globally, and we have a slick new website to support the app. We’re also looking forward to August, but until then, make sure to head over to the website, and then check out our Collections and latest tokens via the app. The token movement has already started. Join us on the journey today. 

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