Announcing—the easy way to discover tokens

Written by Christian

Posted on July 18th, 2023

We’re building a world where money can flow effortlessly into the things people truly care about.

We’re delighted to unveil, an exciting new world where money can flow effortlessly into the things people truly care about. 

We’re here because tokens are changing the world around us in a profound way. In their early years, tokens have changed our understanding of value and empowered millions of people to take control of their financial destiny. 

In the future, tokens promise to usher in a great societal shift that will change the way we create, share, and invest forever. They’ll become a powerful tool for unlocking creativity and make the world fairer and more united. If token technology achieves its full potential, the token economy will be as transformative as the Internet itself. 

But the token movement is some way off its end goal. While tokens have great promise, they are difficult. Finding them feels like a task. Understanding them is tricky. Keeping up to date with them is time-consuming. And holding on to them poses a whole new set of challenges. So it’s no wonder that many people dismiss them or are unsure how to start on their journey. 

We’re determined to change this. Our mission is to make tokens more human, accessible, and communal so that everyone can benefit from them. is a groundbreaking new experience to welcome the next generation of token adopters. 

We entered the token space when it was just getting started and have always believed in the technology’s world-changing potential. We think that tokens will positively impact society in immeasurable ways, and we hope that will help people see their power. 

The app will be rolled out around the world gradually over the coming weeks. It’s currently live across 22 countries on the Play Store, with global iOS availability and a wider expansion to follow soon. already supports the world’s most important token projects and will evolve as the token economy does. We believe that creating a more inclusive and social token world will be key to the space’s growth, and will lean into that view. is the easy way to discover, buy and sell the tokens you care about. Join us on our adventure into the tokenized future today.

Please note: Investing in cryptoassets is risky. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, investors run the risk of losing their funds when they make an investment. Returns from cryptoasset investing are not guaranteed, therefore users should always be aware of the risks.