About us

We're building a world where money can flow effortlessly into the things people truly care about.

Tokens are changing how we create, share and invest.

Tokens are special. They have the potential to encompass everything from coffee chains to sustainable energy initiatives. But most importantly, they enable people and communities to invest in what matters most to them. This was our starting fire; to build a world where money can flow effortlessly into the things people truly care about.

We’re making tokens more accessible.

Today, tokens are difficult. Finding them is hard. Understanding them is draining. Keeping up to date with them is time consuming. And holding on to them? That can be scary. So it’s not surprising that the only people really engaged with tokens are day-traders and crypto enthusiasts. 

With token.com we want to take things in a new direction. We want to make tokens less alien and more human. Less dense and more accessible. Less on-your-own and more community. 

Who we are

We're a team of designers, engineers, product lovers and token enthusiasts, excited about shaping the future of tokens. We started with the same knowledge of tokens as everyone else, and we've never lost sight of that. It's what helps us ground token.com in the belief that someone who doesn't understand, is someone who hasn't had a good teacher.

Joining the team

Our team comes from a range of backgrounds, with diverse areas of expertise. We were born in different parts of the world, but we’ve become connected over our love of tokens. We regularly meet up in London and across Europe, and we’re always on the lookout for people who think differently. If you’re as excited as we are about the future of tokens, you can check out our opportunities below.

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Our founders

This is David and Mel. You could say they’re token pioneers—when they first met while travelling through Taiwan in 2014, they were both hooked on the early promise of Bitcoin and Ethereum. They immediately bonded over their vision for how tokens could change everything.  

They both knew that this thing would be big, and they wanted to help the world join the movement. So they headed to London to build something new. With a talented team, they created the world’s first Ethereum wallet connected with a debit card. It was a hit with token lovers. 

As the space grew, they saw that the world needed a better way to access tokens. That was when they hatched a plan to build a delightfully simple platform for discovering tokens. They called it token.com.