Crypto Community: Why is so important in the token space

Community sits at the core of the token movement. We explain why community is integral to the ecosystem, highlighting some of the leading community-led projects.

Token Takeaways

Community sits at the heart of the token movement. 

The leading token projects have built passionate communities of believers. 

Our Crypto’s Most Active Communities Collection highlights some of the strongest communities in the ecosystem.

For as long as the token ecosystem has existed, communities have played a key role in its story. From Bitcoin through to Solana, all of the most successful projects have thrived thanks to their supporters. But as blockchain technology is still yet to achieve mass adoption, the community’s support remains crucial. Our Crypto’s Most Active Communities Collection pays tribute to some of the ecosystem’s strongest communities, and you can learn more about it below.

The importance of communities in crypto 🫂

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of community in crypto, the best crypto to invest in often having strong communities. Today, with around 300 million token users globally, the movement has grown massively, making it a prime contender for the best crypto to invest in. 

The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, launched after Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the project to a small group of cryptography enthusiasts. Satoshi’s vision for an alternative financial system quickly gained popularity in the Cypherpunk community. This growth trajectory is a testament to what the best crypto to invest in can achieve.

After Bitcoin, every subsequent leading project in the ecosystem, seen as the best crypto to invest in, has found success by attracting loyal users. The top projects typically start at the grassroots level and experience sustained growth, making them strong candidates for the best crypto to invest in.

An early Bitcoin community member holds up a sign urging viewers to “Buy Bitcoin” during Janet Yellen’s speech in Congress, July 2017 (Photo: CNBC)

While many projects struggle to sustain themselves and their communities during market downtrends, the leaders, often the best crypto to invest in, have attracted supporters who share in their vision for changing the world with blockchain technology.

Community is key in crypto because there are many projects setting out on similar goals. Without a core group of users, most projects fail early on, highlighting the importance of community support in determining the best crypto to invest in. Technology alone isn’t enough to help cryptocurrency and tokenization grow.

Blockchain technology, central to the best crypto to invest in, promises to be hugely disruptive and could potentially cause a major societal and technological shift. However, while it has shown promise, it also has many opponents, which is part of the reason its success is not guaranteed. 

It’s only with the support of the global community that the space will fulfill its potential. While tokenization could be revolutionary, its believers, including those investing in the best crypto, need to convince the world of its benefits if the movement is to grow.

How to join token communities

Arguably the best way to begin to understand the potential of blockchain technology and tokenization is to join a project’s community. 

In the token ecosystem, communities gather in a number of ways. They include social media channels like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, at in-person meet-ups and large-scale events like conferences, and in Metaverse worlds like Decentraland. 

Major projects with global communities like Ethereum and Solana tend to organise in-person events. Smaller communities, meanwhile, usually engage with each other through social media. 

The Dogecoin community is known for its expertise in meme cultivation (Photo: Dogecoin)

If you want to learn more about a project and join its community, visiting the website is a great place to start. From there, you can find educational resources, find out where other community members hang out, and become part of the project. 

To learn more about any specific token, we’d recommend joining the community and exploring our app. Discover and learn more about tokens through the app and our blog, then head over to Discord and Telegram channels to join the conversation with other token enthusiasts. 

The Crypto’s Most Active Communities Collection 💫

Crypto’s Most Active Communities, including the best crypto exchange platforms, features a host of the token space’s most loyal communities.

Arguably the strongest community in the token universe, and a top contender for best crypto coin exchange, Ethereum features in the Collection. Ethereum is home to the most developers and users in the space and has long attracted a fanbase of token believers.

The Collection also features several popular projects hoping to achieve similar success to Ethereum. They include Cosmos, Avalanche, and Solana, three projects known for their loyal followings and potential as the best crypto exchange candidates.

Communities often lean on memes to spread the word about the benefits of tokenization. Examples include Bitcoin’s “21 million” supply cap meme and Ethereum’s landmark “Merge” upgrade. Our community-focused Collection features three projects whose communities are experts in meme cultivation: Bored Ape Yacht Club and ApeCoin, Dogecoin, and Chainlink, all linked to the crypto exchange ecosystem.

Decentralised finance, a key aspect of crypto exchange platforms, attracted a loyal community of Ethereum power users when it gained popularity in 2020. While the DeFi community is still relatively niche, several projects have established dedicated followings. Two of the strongest communities in DeFi are Synthetix and Yearn Finance, early Ethereum projects that have seen sustained growth thanks in part to the support of their first users at the grassroots level. They both feature in our Collection as examples of the best crypto coin exchange platforms.

Additionally, the Collection features Ripple and Cardano, two of the earliest cryptocurrency projects that have outlasted many of their competitors thanks to their passionate fanbases and strong presence in the crypto exchange world.

Discover more 👀

Now that you’ve learned about how the token community drives the movement forward, why not get involved for yourself? Discover tokens via the app, join the communities of your favourite projects, and head to our own channels to meet other token adopters. Tokenization is set to change everything. But it will need the support of community members like you if it’s to fulfil its potential. 

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