Community Guidelines

Engagement & Respect

At, we see the world through tokens - they aren't just transactions, but stories, connections, and passions. Our goal is to make discussions around tokens less daunting, more engaging, and inclusive for everyone. We invite you to join, discuss, and debate but always with respect.

Amplify Community Spirit: We've built with the idea of making the world of tokens more human. Let's keep our interactions human too. Positive contributions create a thriving community where everyone feels welcome.

Privacy & Personal Data

Protect Privacy & Safety: Remember, everyone on should have an expectation of privacy and safety. 

Protecting Personal Information: Our platform thrives on trust. As such, do not post or share someone else's private details, such as home phone numbers, addresses, or any personal data, without their clear consent. 

No Threats or Incentives: Threatening to expose someone's private information or incentivizing others to do so isn't just against our guidelines, it goes against the very essence of our community spirit. Let's ensure everyone's story remains theirs to share.

Guarding Your Own Privacy: While we champion transparency and connection, always think twice about the personal details you're considering sharing. It's your narrative; decide how it's told.

Security First: has comprehensive measures to protect data, but we encourage you to also be vigilant. Avoid sharing account specifics or transaction details in public forums. When in doubt, contact our support team.

Content Standards

Safety & Harm Prevention: Promoting harm, violence, or any form of abuse is strictly prohibited. This includes threats, promoting extremist ideologies, or encouraging self-harm.

Respect & Inclusivity: Discrimination and hate speech based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other identity marker will not be tolerated. stands for inclusivity, and we expect our community to uphold these values.

Legal & Regulated Goods: Do not use our platform to facilitate illegal activities or transactions.

Authenticity & Integrity: Misleading content, impersonation, or deceptive practices go against our values. We aim to create a platform where trust is paramount. Using manipulated media to deceive or mislead is strictly forbidden.

Media & Intellectual Property

Sensitive Content: Graphic violence, adult content, or any other form of sensitive media is not allowed. 

Intellectual Rights: Respect others' creative and intellectual outputs. Avoid posting copyrighted or trademarked materials without proper authorization.

Enforcement & Appeals

Automated Moderation: Our system might automatically flag or remove posts that violate our guidelines. If you believe your content was wrongly flagged, please contact our customer support for an appeal.

Continued Violations: Repeated breaches might lead to further actions, including temporary or permanent bans from our community.

Final Thought

Tokens are changing our world. At, we're striving for a future where everyone can be part of this change. Your involvement and respect for these guidelines ensure that our community remains a safe, welcoming, and enlightening space for all.