Monthly Recap: May 2023

Written by Christian

Posted on June 1st, 2023

All of the key highlights from May 2023 at token HQ.

Token Takeaways

The team has been busy in the lead-up to our global launch, focusing on major milestones like our website makeover and app reskin.

We also integrated the KuCoin exchange this month, allowing us to list more leading tokens across the market.  

We’re on track to launch in more than 40 countries this summer. 

The token space is never short of surprises. We got a reminder of that this month with a new wave of meme coin mania, led by the Pepe token. But there have been other unexpected turns in the market through the rest of May. Generative art NFTs are back en vogue as collectors look to add to their holdings. The queue for ETH holders looking to stake their assets keeps increasing. Yes, it’s been a pretty positive few weeks across the space, and we’ve had a strong month too. It’s all hands on deck as we prepare for our big summer launch. Read on to learn about our latest progress. 

Telling our story

With, we’re embarking on a journey into the future. Our goal is to have many other people around the world join us, so we need to explain why the tokenized future is important. That’s why our marketing team has been putting so much work into our new website this month.

The new will include a Learn hub, blog, and token dashboard. These features are designed to help our customers follow key updates in the space as they happen. But just as importantly, will tell our story. We hope this means that when people visit, they’ll quickly get a sense of our mission and why we believe tokens will push the world forward.

New integrations and tokens 💪 integrates Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This means the app supports a wide breadth of tokens available through Binance. While Binance has served us well, we’re planning to integrate additional exchanges. This will mean we can list more of the market’s most important tokens; we’ll also have backup services on standby if we need them. 

A new exchange integration with KuCoin went live this month. As a result, you’ll soon be able to learn about projects like Dopex, LUKSO, and Stacks in the app (and we’ll have their tokens available for trading). These tokens come in addition to new listings like PEPE and SUI, which both caught the market’s attention this month.

PEPE went live on the app amid this month’s meme coin mania. A new batch of tokens will also launch following our KuCoin integration.

But it does not stop at KuCoin. We’re also spending a lot of time on the Ethereum Layer 2 network Arbitrum as we research new integration options. Watch this space for more news soon. 

Introducing the faces of 😁

If you’ve been following for a while, you’re probably with some members of our team. Our TikTok account regularly features token team stalwarts like Harry and Claire, while CEO Mel likes to share his perspectives on the token landscape via our blog. You’ll meet more of our team as we build out the app experience and website​​. We’ve been developing plans for how we’ll execute this over the past few weeks, but we can reveal that video will continue to form a key part of our content strategy. 

Additionally, we’ll soon be introducing a few new characters that aren’t part of the team developing We like to think of them as roamers of the tokenized world, imagined to help us convey the token story. We hope that new token adopters will be able to identify with our fictional figures; one of them is into music, while another is a technology expert, but they all inhabit vivid illustrated worlds you’ll be able to explore in full upon our relaunch.

Commencing the rollout 📆

After such a stacked month at token HQ, everything is in place for our global rollout. It will kick off with our reskin, which is when you’ll start to notice a change to the visual side of We’re planning to launch this in the next few weeks, coinciding with a rollout to 40 new countries. 

June is set to be another busy month as we’ll stop off at ETHPrague. Mel will be speaking at the Ethereum event, discussing the tokenized future and the role we intend to play within it. After that, we’ll unveil the website in all its glory.

A busy summer

That wraps up May 2023, but as this post reveals, we still have lots of work ahead. This summer is set to be as packed as spring has been, but we couldn’t be more excited. We’re moving closer to our mission to help welcome new adopters to the token space, and we’re looking forward to continuing on the promising—albeit unpredictable—road ahead.

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