Monthly Recap: October 2023

Written by Christian

Posted on November 1st, 2023

We unpack our October 2023 highlights, including our new video feature, new tokens and interest-based Collections, and more.

Token Takeaways

Our new TokenCards launched with video functionality this month.

We’ve been developing the app to cater to customers’ individual interests.

The app will soon offer more comprehensive information on projects and social features.

October has historically been a positive month in the token ecosystem, and the last few weeks have been no different. Confidence in tokens seemed to return for the first time in months, helped by rumours that the first spot Bitcoin ETF could soon be approved. The market has signalled that it hopes that institutional investors could flock to tokens. It’s also now 24 months since tokens peaked in November 2021. History would suggest tides could soon turn, but we should have a clearer idea over the next year or two. 

Regardless of recent market action, we’ve been hard at work building for a big revival in the space. We launched a major video feature that’s been in development for months in October, a series of exciting new tokens and Collections went live, and Mel was busy on the road telling other token fans about what we’ve built. Learn more below. 

Video goes live in TokenCards 📹

We launched our new TokenCards in October after months of development. The new design features all of the snackable written content you’re used to, highlighting each project’s speciality and purpose. 

TokenCards now feature snackable videos to help you learn about each project in an interactive way.

The key change with the new TokenCards is our new video feature. We’ve integrated high-quality videos to help you get to know our supported projects in a more interactive way. They’re snappy, fun, and engaging. We’ve rolled out video to a shortlist of staple projects and will soon add more. But this feature is just one way is evolving into a next-generation token experience. Look out for more updates dropping soon.

Catering to your interests is designed to be tailored to every individual user. While we’re still in the early stages of development, one of the app’s key features is a discovery algorithm. We use this to help customers discover token projects that they could find meaningful based on their interests. This feature will become more sophisticated as more people interact with the app. 

The app features several interest-based Collections. Tokens for Culture Lovers is aimed at arts lovers.

But there are other ways we’re making more personal. We’ve curated our latest Collections for people with specific interests, starting with arts and tech fans. Tokens for Culture Lovers features Web3 music platform Audius, NFT staple ApeCoin, and more. Tokens for Techies, meanwhile, spotlights cutting-edge projects like Ethereum and Cosmos.

Aside from new Collections, we’ve also been researching nascent projects and adding the most notable ones to the app as they emerge. Our latest addition is Celestia, a “modular” blockchain that hopes to scale for many users by stripping things back. Find it in the app now. in the press 📰

October was a busy month for press and editorial, and especially our CEO Mel Gelderman. As our regular blog readers know, Mel often stops by to share his thoughts on the state of the token space. This month, he discussed how spot BTC ETF hype has brought confidence to the market. Mel and our wider team keep close tabs on market developments like this, as it informs us on everything from likely conditions ahead to potential projects we should list. 

But that’s not all Mel has been up to. One of our October highlights was a trip to Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, where token enthusiasts based in the Middle East and beyond got an early look at our app. During the event, Mel sat down with Web3.TV to talk about how we’re building something “radically different” for the tokenized future. Catch up here. Mel also took part in a panel discussion with CoinTelegraph and other token experts, while he and the rest of our team spent the remaining time at the event showing attendees how we’re taking a new approach to welcome people into the token universe. 

On the horizon 🌅

TokenCards make it easy to discover projects in a snackable way. Our new video feature doubles down on this idea, but our next update to TokenCards will make learning about projects even easier. We’ll soon be rolling out ratings for individual projects, accompanied by a list of pros and cons for those who want to dive deeper. The idea is to present our perspectives on each token we list based on our research alongside a comprehensive score to give an overview of what we think about it. We think this feature will help our customers understand tokens and make better-informed decisions when browsing the app. 

As well as scores, social posts and profiles are coming. Our live news feed already features a stream of the most important token stories as they happen. But with our new update, anyone will be able to share their thoughts on tokens we list in the app. Keep an eye out for more news on creating profiles and getting the full social experience on soon. 

Learn more 💫

That’s a wrap for October 2023. We’ve been pretty pleased with the last few weeks of development progress, and it’s been amazing to see people react to our new video feature in real time. The next few weeks look set to be pretty nice as we head into the end of the year, and that’s before even considering the recent surge in token interest. So you could say there’s a lot to look forward to.  

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