Monthly Recap: November 2023

Written by Christian

Posted on November 30th, 2023

We list the key happenings and highlights from another eventful month at, including our new payment card integration, a feature rating our supported tokens, and more.

Token Takeaways

As confidence returns to the market, we remain focused on building for the future. now supports card payments across Europe, opening accessibility to a wider audience of token collectors.

We also added a series of new Collections and buzzy tokens to the app this month.

The last few months of 2023 have been pretty bright for the token ecosystem. If October marked the start of a recovery, then the trend accelerated in November. Many projects spanning the Solana ecosystem through to decentralised AI have shown strength in recent weeks, while builders continue to plug away in anticipation of the space’s next growth stage. 

We are one of those teams that has not stopped building. The app had another batch of big updates in November, with a headline focus on making collecting tokens more accessible to people around the world. The latest edition of our Monthly Recap feature lists the highlight points. Read more below. 

Demystifying tokens with TokenScores 🔎

TokenCards are designed to help you learn about projects in a flash. They make this happen by including a brief one-liner and blurb to introduce each project’s mission, category tags, and our newly added videos.

Now, TokenCards include ratings for anyone who wants to dive deeper. TokenScores offer an overview of each project based on a number rating, accompanied by pros and cons compiled by our team of researchers. The goal is to demystify projects and offer expert insights to help you on your journey. Our TokenScores feature is live nowfind out why Arbitrum and Uniswap are among our top-rated tokens via the app today.

Depositing funds made easy 💳

We pride ourselves on our easy buying experience. At every event we’ve attended this year, community members have been blown away by its simplicity. That tells us we’re on the right track, but we’ve just made the journey even easier. added card payments across Europe this month, making token collecting more accessible. As a result, customers can use their payment card of choice to deposit funds in a few taps. This update will make supporting projects even more effortless and open up to a wider audience. Think of it as one step in our long-term plan to foster the growth of the token economy.

Topical trends and token listings 🌊

We strive to stay ahead of the space’s key emerging trends. That’s why we tipped projects like Solana and Fetch in our Tokens to Watch in 2023 Collection back in spring, and they’re now two of the year’s top performers. Our Trending tab, live news feed, and blog also give our community a heads-up on where the space is heading. 

We can say the same for our latest app additions. Our newest Collection zooms in on token gaming, a space that looks primed for exponential growth over the coming years. It’s called Gamers’ Arcadia, with featured projects including Illuvium, Decentraland, and Vulcan Forged. Additionally, we’ve added new tokens like Pyth Network, a fast-rising project that’s become one of the Solana ecosystem’s staples. 

On the horizon 🌅

After a busy November, we still have our sights on developing as we head into the final stretch of the year. Our next big updates include a plan to help new customers enter the token universe faster and an expanded suite of features for our early devotees. 

Our live news feed is one of our most popular features. By introducing profiles and posts, more members of our community will be able to broadcast their thoughts on the token universe. This upgrade has been months in the making. It’s set to roll out very soon. 

Learn more 💫

That brings November 2023 to a close. We’re especially excited to add support for card payments, as we think this will help many more people start on their token journey. After all, this is the main reason we’re herewe believe that token technology is transformative, and we want to help the world adopt it. Our next update will drop as 2023 closes, and then the token space will be moving into a fresh season. 2023 has been huge and 2024 looks like it’ll be even bigger. We look forward to building the road ahead.

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